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Treecycle's philosophy: Education & Access to a wide range of recycled, compostable & biodegradable products
We want to educate the public on the importance of using eco-friendly products & provide access to a wide range of products. The headings of each product section has detailed info on those recycled or biodegradable products AND environmental benefits of using them. Please take the time to view this info - our choices as consumers DO count. Throughout you'll see the term PCW, an acronym for Post Consumer Waste or PCC (Post Consumer Content).

S I T E   C O N T E N T S

Website Product Pages
Office paper recycled
Envelopes recycled
Stationery recycled
Bags, rolls, tissue
Boxes recycled
Office supplies
Togo Boxes, Food & Soup Containers, Trays, PLA Bags & Kraft Sheets
PLA Cutlery, Straws, Cups, Containers, Bowls, Clamshells & Sushi Trays
Coffee Cups, Coffee Bags, Stir Sticks, 4-cup Trays & Cup Insulator Sleeves
Sugarcane, Leaf, Wheat, Bulrush Cups Plates Bowls Clamshells Boxes Trays
Biodegradable Bags, Trash Bags, Recycling Bins, 7th Gen Cleaning Products
Toilet Paper Recycled, Facial Tissue, Recycled Paper Towels, Recycled Napkins

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5% off on 5-9 cases (any mix of cases) 10% off 10+
Bulk Pricing
Treecycle has great prices on most 1000 count cases.

 What's Really New
Expanded food service products page

The Box Togo Boxes, Ecosource Paper Food Containers, Planet Compostable Food Container, Bioplusearth Compostable Togo Box, Fold-pak Earth Brown Togo Boxes, Brown Soup Containers With Lids, Natural Brown Food Trays, Paper Boxes Grab-n-go Pla Windows , Ecotainer Paper Soup Containers, Fsc Certified Paper Bowls Pla Lining, Compostable Takeout Containers, Biodegradable Cellophane Sheet/bags, Baking Cups Pan Liner Molds Natural, Sandwich Bagel Cookie Pla Panel Bag, Sheets Sandwich Wrap Basket Liners, Baguette French Bakery & Loaf Bags, Recycled Paper Berry boxes
Expanded utensils, straws, cold cups, clear clamshells, bowls, deli containers

Ecosource Plant Starch Cutlery Jaya Cpla Compostable Cutlery Spudware Heat Tolerant Cutlery Tpla 70% Pla & 30% Talc Cutlery Wooden Cutlery Tasting Spoons Straws 6" And 8" Jaya Pla Portion/cold Cups 8 Sizes Clamshell Round Square Sushi Bowl Pla Clear Portion/cold Cups 11 Sizes Printed Greenware Cups Pla 2-24oz Natureworks To-go Clear Clamshells Natureworks To-go Clear Salad Bowl Natureworks Rectangular Container Natureworks Round Deli Containers On-the-go 2 3 4 Compartment Boxes Deli Container Hinged Lid Clamshells Round Deli 5oz 8oz 12oz 16oz 32oz
Completely revamped and updated bags, kraft rolls and wrapping tissue page

Merchandise Bag Recycled Natural Merchandise Bag Recycled Potpourri Handled Toters Wine Toters Eurototers Leopard Holiday Handled Shopper Bag Eco Kraft Eurostyle Handled Shopper Handled Shopping Bags 95-100% Pcw Eco Kraft Serrated Edge Shopper Bags Kraft Serrated Edge Shopping Bags 40% Pcw Legislative Compliant Kraft Natural Brown Kraft Bags 40% Pcw Budget Brown Kraft Bag 100%recycled 40% Pcw Legislative Compliant White Wine Bags Wrapping Tissue & Carrier Register Rolls Unbleached And White Kraft Brown Rolls In 6 Different Sizes Wrapping Tissue Kraft Color 40% Pcw
Overhauled cleaning products page with new cleaners & biodegradable bags

Biobag & Naturtec T-shirt & Trash Bags Biodegradable Plastic Handled Bags Bags Suitable For Home Composting Ecosafe 6400 Compostable Trash Bags 7th Generation Recycled Trash Bags Trash Bags Recycled Plastic Content Recycling Bins With White Symbol Wipes Disinfecting Lemongrass Citrus Seventh Generation Liquid Hand Wash Seventh Generation Dish Detergents Seventh Generation Natural Cleaners Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Seventh Generation Stage 5 Diapers Seventh Gen Reg Applicator Tampons
Overhauled tissue page with detailed listing of recycled and PCW content

Brown/white Toilet Paper 75-80% Pcw Marcal Tp 100% Recycled & 60% Pcw 7th Generation Tp Minimum 50% Pcw Tp Wheat Sugarcane Tp 35-40% Pcw Tp 100% Recycled 20% And 25% Pcw Tp Jumbo Roll & Toilet Seat Covers Paper Towel Kitchen Roll 40-85%pcw Singlefold Multifold C-fold Roll Towel Napkins Bev Lunch Dinner Dispenser Facial 100% Recycled & 10-90% Pcw
Lots of recycled envelopes bubble mailers, padded mailers and rigid mailers

White 100% Pcc Envelopes Brown 40% Pcc Envelopes Kraft Stay Flat Mailer Tab Lock Photo-disk-cd Flat White Mailers Flat White Mailers Tab Lock 100% Recycled #10 A2 A7 Remit Manila Envelopes Gummed Flap Coin Envelopes Gummed Manila Metal Clasp & Adhesive Manila Self Seal Envelopes Kraft Manila Document Envelopes 32# 10x15" Reusable Envelope Ungummed Pull And Seal Envelopes Manila Quality Park Redi-seal Manila Polymailer Waterproof Pull & Seal Bubble Mailer Pull & Seal White Bubble Mailer Pull & Seal Gold Bubble Mailer Tear Tab Open Bubble Mailer Open End Gold Jiffy Mailer 90% Recycled Gold Jiffy Mailer Open End Kraft Manila Jiffy Mailer 90% Recycled White
 What's Fairly New
Brown coffee cups are back

Planet+Kraft DoubleWall Cups, Kraft Cups Compostable Pla Lined, Planet+ Compostable White Cups, Ecosource White Hot Cups, Ecosource Pet Clear Cups, Ecotainer Compostable Cold Cups, Ecotainer Compostable Coffee Cups, Ecotainer Carte Blanc Hot Cups, Solo Bare Eco-forward PCF & PLA Cups, Solo Mistique Coffee Cups, Solo Economy White Hot Cups, Brown Biodegradable Coffee Bags, Stir Sticks Wood, 4-cup Trays, Kraft & Designer Cup Sleeves.
Compostable cups, plates, bowls, clamshells, trays

Wasara Bamboo Sugarcane Tableware Cups Sugarcane Wheat Ecosource Sugarcane Plates Trays Hinged Boxes Sugarcane Square Plates Bowls Sugarcane Plates & Bowls Brown Wheat Leaf Plates Bowls Trays White Recycled Paper Plates Togo Clamshells Wheat Boxes & Trays Unbleached Wheat & Bulrush Catering Pans Folding Takeout Boxes Sugarcane Lunch Trays 5 or 6 Comp Gourmet Oval Bowls Octagon Square Containers
Apparel gift jewelry shipping boxes & mailing tubes

Recycled Kraft Apparel Boxes 40% Pcw Recycled Kraft 1 Piece Gift Boxes 40% Pcw Recycled Kraft 2 Piece Gift Boxes 40% Pcw Recycled Kraft Jewelry Boxes 40% Pcw Shipping Boxes 30% Recycled Brown or White Recycled Mailing Tubes
Lots of recycled paper - white and colored

Cascades Rolland Enviro100 Copy Cascades Rolland Hitech 50 Copy Aspen 100% PCW(Post Consumer Waste) Aspen 30% PCW(Post Consumer Waste) Boise Fireworx Colors & Cover 30% PCW Domtar Earth Choice & Husky Offset Text Domtar Colors 30% PCW Domtar Cover 30% PCW 110# White Cover 10% PCW Hammermill And Hp 30% And 50% PCW Hammermill Colors 30% PCW Brown And White Cover And Envelopes Astrobrights Colors 30% Pcw Green Seal.
Lots of recycled stationery

Neenah Environment 100% Pcc Recycled Royal Sundance 30% Pcc Recycled Paper Genesis Recycled Stationery Sale Stationery Restock Light Brown 80# Cover Southworth 75% Recycled 50% Pcc Southworth Linen Stationery 30% Pcc Laser Paper 30% Pcc 32 Lb. Cotton Bond Stationery Sets Green Or Ivory 30% Pcc 110# White Cover Light Speck Recycled Stationery Astroparche Recycled Stationery Royal Fiber Recycled Stationery Cotton Rag Bond Howard Linen Synergy Evergreen Recycled Stationery
Lots of Office Products

Legal Pads, Notebooks, Easel Pads, Notecards, Sticky Notes, 2-pocket Folders, Pens & Pencils, File Folders, Hanging File Folders And Expanding Pockets
Don't be fooled -
Most recycled paper products on the market labeled "RECYCLED" contain little or no Post Consumer Waste(PCW) paper, only wood chips and mill scraps. These "RECYCLED" paper products do little to address the environmental concerns of deforestation and landfilling reusable waste paper. Trees should be cut down to make wood and paper should be made back into paper instead of landfilling it. The "Real" recycled is Post Consumer Waste(PCW) which is paper used once and taken to recycling centers and then mills to be made back into paper. PCW is NOT mill scraps and high PCW products is the sustainable and most environmental choice.
For recycling to work -
There must be demand for the products made from recycled materials - studies point to "lack of demand" as a major factor hampering efforts to recycle waste paper. Treecycle's motto is "the other half of recycling" because recycling is a loop. We specialize in paper products with the highest quantity of recycled paper and post-consumer waste paper available.

Our choices as consumers do make a difference!
Close The Loop!