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The following are cool sites, some offer information on environmental issues. Tell them Treecycle sent you.

When You Buy Recycled Paper You Are Helping To...

Cut Waste
arrowPaper accounts for 40% of all municipal waste
arrowRecycled paper means less trash, lower taxes & other disposal costs

Save Energy
arrow60-70% energy savings over virgin pulp
arrowThe paper industry is the 3rd largest user of energy in the U.S.

Protect Natural resources
arrowThe U.S. uses 100 million tons of paper a year & use is increasing
arrowRecycled paper uses 55% less water & helps preserve our forests
arrowRecycling of waste paper creates more jobs

Reduce Pollution
arrowThe paper industry is one of the largest water polluters in the world
arrowRecycled paper reduces water pollution by 35%, reduces air pollution by 74%, and eliminates many toxic pollutants
Salt Creek Retreat Oregon Wine Country Vacation Home Rental
2006 Built Modern Eco-Friendly Wine Country Retreat .62 Acres on Salt Creek Amity, Oregon
Oregon Wine Country .62 acres creek
2006 Built Modern Eco-Friendly Wine Country Retreat, 3 bedroom 2.5 bath, on Salt Creek Amity, Oregon
Cozy Conifer Cabin
Log Home on 10 Acres 25 minutes from Missoula. Five seasonal creeks and borders Montana State Forest
Missoula Montana Log Cabin 10 acres
Log Home, 3 bedroom 1 bath, 25 minutes from Missoula. Five seasonal creeks and borders Montana State Forest
Sustainability Store
Directory of socially and environmentally responsible products and services.
Altoona Ridge Lodge
Welcome Solitude Seekers, Maxville Montana
Kittysafe Network
For Mews, News, Reviews, Poetry, Music and Ideas. "The stillness of the pond requires no reflection. It is the reflection that requires the stillness of the pond."
Kalon Baughan Wildlife Painter
Originals, prints & posters, art book, figures, photographs
We welcome links to our site - please link only to either this page or our homepage, as the addresses of other pages may change without notice. We are open to reciprocal links.
A brief overview of some recycled paper concerns.
Using Post-consumer
Why it is important to use paper with a high post-consumer content. Includes an explanation of recycled paper terms.
Reducing Harmful Bleaching
The chlorine issue and recycled paper, including a glossary of bleaching buzzwords: totally chlorine free, process chlorine free, etc.
Alternative Fibers
The use of intentional alternative fibers like hemp and kenaf to make paper initially seems like a good idea, but...

Rick Meis, formerly of Treecycle, has written these informative reports on recycled paper:
An Option for a Cleaner Environment
A reaffirmation of why recycled paper is a good ecological choice, and why using less is even better.
Alternative Fiber In Paper
Addresses the impacts of alternative fibers and agripulp on recycling and pollution reduction.
All the Water Was Clean: Recycled Paper's Role
A look at the Clean Water Act and recycled paper's role in reducing pollution, especially dioxin and other organochlorines.
And We Lived Happily Ever After
An introduction to the realities and myths of recycled paper, industry and politics.
These reports are copyrighted, and are the property of Treecycle; please contact us first if you wish to reprint them.

Our Action Issues pages discuss some issues that could use your help. Although we try to concentrate on specific happenings with pulp and paper issues, we will also include one or two environmental issues of importance in the Northern Rockies Ecoregion.
Paper Action Issues
Environmental Action Issues