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Treecycle was started in 1989 in Bozeman, Montana. The goal was to offer the best recycled paper available to Montana and rest of the country. It was through involvement in recycling issues that we learned that the most important cog in the recycling loop is to get these products out to the public, which in turn creates demand at your local recycling center for your waste paper.

We have become a part of the environmental movement, by offering many products which significantly reduce the use of virgin resources, reduce energy consumption and water pollution, and reduce waste going to landfills and incinerators. To this goal we provide what information we can about the issues.

Since our 1989 inception in Bozeman Montana, we've grown as a company and offer a larger variety of recycled paper products and now biodegradable food service products made out of sugar cane(bagasse) and PLA. We started out small and loyal customers in Bozeman and Helena helped to get Treecycle off its feet. Treecycle opened a Missoula Montana office in the early 1990's and now Missoula is Treecycle's largest market. was started in 1997 and it gave people across the world information and access to recycled paper. Treecycle has customers in all 50 states, Canada, Asia, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean.

In 2002, Treecycle became a more efficient company by consolidating Missoula and Bozeman operations to one office in Missoula, Montana. From 2002 until 2005, Treecycle operated out of a turn of the century building at 328 East Main Street in downtown Missoula. We were both a retailer and mail order business in Missoula, but hardly anyone stopped by our retail storefront on Main Street in the middle of downtown Missoula. In addition to the lack of retail traffic, we had sky high utility costs due to the deregulation and demise of Montana Power and then we started to run out of storage space. So we decided it was best to move out of Missoula and focus on the mail order side of the business.

In summer 2005 we moved to a new metal building in Huson, 25 miles West of Missoula. With more storage space and next to zero energy costs, the new building made a much more efficient mail order company. After 3 years out in the woods in our new building it became evident that Montana's winter climate was not a good match for our mail order business. When the snow arrives and roads become icy and dangerous, the efficiency of our operation seriously declined for several months during winter.

Because of this we moved treecycle to Oregon in August 2008 to be in a climate with less winter impacts on our operation. In addition we're closer to numerous Portland Oregon suppliers where we can pick up product and avoid shipping costs we used to incur while in Montana. Treecycle fits right in with the environmental ethnic in Oregon and we now have lots of Oregon customers. In addition, we're right between Washington and California where we have lots of customers. We haven't forgotten what helped Treecycle become what it is today and we still offer free shipping to our loyal Montana customers in Missoula, Helena and Bozeman, Montana.

Our crack staff is a fine collection of conservation-oriented individuals. We are dedicated to offer the best recycled papers at the lowest possible price by reducing overhead where possible and offering few frills and no fancy catalogs.

Treecycle's customers include a wide array of conservation and environmental groups, individuals, buying clubs, natural food stores, restaurants, bakeries, law firms, consulting firms, and a whole host of other businesses. The top picture is our Sherwood Oregon office on Highway 99 West where we have operated since September 2011. The bottom picture is our warehouse in Huson Montana where we operated from 2005-2008.

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  The Mobro Principles
Named for the infamous garbage barge that sailed around the world, looking for a place to dump its load, the Mobro Principles are a set of voluntary commitments to identify and encourage the use of recycled paper. The goals of the Mobro Principles include:
  • promoting the use of recycled paper with high post-consumer content
  • helping businesses, government organizations, and the public identify the best recycled paper available, by establishing a uniform ranking system
  • providing paper manufacturers with incentives to offer papers with high post-consumer content.